March 22, 2013

With the onslaught of food trucks that have hit Melbourne, it’s no surprise that those that stand out are nothing short of AWESOME!


Mr. Burger is one such truck. Despite being a recent addition to the food truck scene, they have been making waves with their luscious burgers, made from their own juicy blend of beef, and have even been compared to the likes of L.A.’s famous ‘In-And-Out’ Burger.


An unsurprising fact, considering that the inspiration came from a trip to the US made by Daragh Kan and Myles Munro, the guys responsible for the roving morsels.

Top top it off, The Age heralded MR Burger as the Best New Food Truck to hit Melbourne for 2012! So we’re counting on only the best to provide sustenance for a retail therapy experience that is like no other!

Check out what burger connoisseur blog  The Burger Adventure has to say about them as well. A huge huge thank you to both Daragh & Myles for agreeing to be a part of our event!

Troops, we are throwing together the best of Melbourne’s urban music scene, a free Jagermeister drink on arrival, lots of retail therapy and a bar that doesn’t quit (did we mention that we’re also selling beer, wine, cider, soft drinks and coffee).

So experience Mister Mode for yourself for plenty of eating, drinking and merry making! See you this SATURDAY!!!!


We will also be giving one lucky Trooper a free Mr Burger meal AND double passes to Mister Mode! It’s one sleep away but you could wake up a winner so why wait? Just share and Tag us on Facebook, and you and a friend could be on your way to Mister Mode (and a great feed).



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March 20, 2013

Dysphemic & Ms. Eliza’s is the featured act of the night at 9.00pm

Our Mister Mode troopers would be well aware by now that we are a sucker for anything that’s new, unique, exciting and blows the status quo out of the water!

Our feature music act Dysphemic & Ms Eliza’s cross genre breed of Classical Dubstep is sure to get your attention, as it’s certainly unlike anything we’ve heard before! Renowned for their live shows, this artistic duo have managed to tie in haunting melodies of a violin with epic double time rap, against a mix of dubstep, glitch hop, drum and bass and hip hop.

Having toured North America and supported the likes of  Nero, Foreign Beggars, Andy C, Tipper, Beats Antique, Antennae, Dov, ill.Gates, Datsik, Plastician and everyone in between, Dysphemic & Eliza are an act that makes an undeniable impact as their music is the first and only one of its kind.

Respectively, both of them have garnered followings in their own right, with Dysphemic establishing himself as one of Australia’s most unique and prolific producers/MC’s, and Miss Eliza’s upbringing in numerous concert halls, symphony orchestras as she upholds her title of being Maestro Julian Quirit’s child prodigy. Together, their musical passion (and prowess) comes alive in an outfit that can only be described as electrifying.


Kye Tamm’s set is at 2.30pm

When Mister Mode promised you international acts, Mister Mode gives you international acts. And a young one at it!

14 year-old Kye Tamm is a new face in the Youtube singer-songwriter community – but through her original approaches to today’s Top 40 hits, she is one that you just can’t take your eyes or ears off. Her inspirations include Taylor Swift and We The Kings. But don’t let the face of pop fool you, her beyond soulful sound is awe-inspiring to see and listen to at her age!

Kye started singing as a young lass at the tender age of 7. Over the recent years, her passion for music grew as she started performing around local venues in Malaysia at the age of 11.


And lucky for us, we get to see her grace the Mister Mode stage this Saturday at 2.30pm.

So do yourselves a favour and head down to where we are this Saturday, 23rd of March, Shed 4 Docklands, and let the magic to your ears unfold.

Get your ticket now and help us share our Facebook event here.

Kye Tamm’s set is at 2.30pm

FEATURE ACT: Dysphemic & Ms. Eliza’s set is at 9.00pm

4 more days Troops! The countdown continues…

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March 19, 2013

Abbey Stone’s set is on at 5.30pm

You’ve heard us go on about how we’re going to up the ante for our upcoming Mister Mode event, so the music acts that we have coming your way are certainly a few of Melbourne’s best! We’ve always been a big, big supporter of emerging talents across all creative fields, and of course, music is something that we can’t do without.

Newcomer Abbey Stone’s voice will pull at your heartstrings with her interesting blend of R n B, pop and soul. Soulful and mesmerizing, this young artist knows how to draw a crowd, and knows exactly what she wants when it comes to her own music. Despite her huge talent, Abbey has turned down a variety of cattle calls looking instead to preserve her integrity and passion in her music.

For a taste of what’s to come, check out Abbey’s covers on YouTube.

We want to thank Abbey for making an appearance here at Mister Mode, and we cannot wait for her amazing voice to resonate through our event. Take the time to chill out with her and her music amidst the eating, partying and bargain hunting at Mister Mode, we’ll definitely be seeing you there!

Jude Perl’s set is on at 4.oopm

From sultry soul to funky fantastic, Jude Perl’s funk driven sound makes us want to get up and jive! As much as her amazing vocals sets the scene for her music, the unmistakable retro vibes put a fresh new spin on sounds that seems so familiar but so new at the same time.

That being said, Jude states her biggest influences to be Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire and Carole King. She’s been performing solo, and with various bands all over Melbourne for the past 5 years. Her 5-track debut EP ’3am’ is now available on iTunes. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to her cover of ‘I Want You Back’ by the Jackson 5 and you’ll have a little taste of what you’re in for this coming 23rd!

Alana Porter’s set is on at 7.oopm

21-year-old Alana Porter may be new to the music scene, enticing audiences just a little over a year ago, but her brand of organic indie-pop has certainly made an impact! Winning the hearts of audiences everywhere, she competed in Melbourne’s popular ‘Pie Jam’ competition as an original artist and managed to score the highest online vote, leading to a prize recording session with an ARIA award-winning producer. 

Not stopping there, Alana has continued to compete in Melbourne Fresh’s Battle of the Bands held at Revolver Upstairs, also becoming a finalist and taking home yet another impressive recording opportunity, as well as an invitation to take to the stage at the iconic Corner Hotel for an all-orginal music festival. Alana has also recently impressed Sydney audiences after being flown interstate to play upon crowds of hundreds at the Sydney International Food Festival. She may be young, but this girl with the grit in her songs has certainly arrived!

See all our amazing acts at the next Mister Mode Market Fashion Night Market LMFF event this 23rd of March, from 1pm to 9 pm, at Shed 4, North Wharf Shed, Docklands. As part of our partnership with Jagermeister, everyone gets a free drink on arrival!

Abbey Stone’s set is on at 5.30pm

Jude Perl’s set is on at 4.oopm

Alana Porter’s set is on at 7.oopm

So Get your ticket now and help us share our Facebook event here.

5 more days Troops! The countdown continues…

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